Unorthodox: Matt Parrott, Orthodoxy, and Ethno-Nationalism

By Todd Lewis

In my last run-in with Matt Parrott, his response included this cute section:

“I’m not a sola scriptura Protestant, so I’ve got a couple millennia of applied Christian tribalism and nationalism to lean on, but I’ll be a good sport here and play by his Anabaptist house rules”

This gem, coupled with a recent series of articles on Counter-Currents (CC) about the history of Russia from an ethno-nationalist perspective, I thought about this question: Is the history of the Orthodox Church friendly toward ethno-nationalism? The answer is…of course not.


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8 thoughts on “Unorthodox: Matt Parrott, Orthodoxy, and Ethno-Nationalism”

  1. Well said but likely lost on them. They seem content to whistle past the graveyard.
    What ultimately needs to happen is for the Church to not simply excommunicate one of the but to anathematise them and the movement. That would get their attention.
    Of course they may well be imbedded with the Milan Synod at this point and thus living that delusion. Still an anathema carries weight and would go a long way towards clarifying exactly how the Church stands on this issue and would also get a few of these guys out of parishes before they can spread their poison to others.

  2. Have you read the latest developments on the Parrott/Heimbach Gang? The Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of North and South America have said that no-one can be Orthodox and a member of the Orthodox Church.
    A statement from the Old Calendarists no less!

  3. Todd
    I’m a young Middle Eastern Christian guy living in the U.S. I’m extremely conservative. I’d call myself a Paleoconservative( I’m a huge fan of Pat Buchanan) I’ve looked into the AltRight. One of the things I really dislike about them is their obsession with race. They make race the be all end all. I personally believe race is important, but when they put their beliefs on race ahead of obedience to Christ, that’s when I have an issue with these people. I believe there are objective differences between the sexes and the races, but I don’t like people who are obsessed with race. What are your personal views on race/race mixing?

    1. Another Pat fan, I enjoy a lot of his work,

      I believe race mixing is not a sin. Throughout the history of the church it has not been considered a sin except in certain North American instances.

      The race issue is myopic yes men and women are not the same, yes blacks and whites are not the same, were do we go from there? The Alt-right doesn’t seem to have women because they are different, then why have Arabs or Blacks.

      I agree with you sentiments.

    2. but when they put their beliefs on race ahead of obedience to Christ, that’s when I have an issue with these people.
      This is what also turned me off of the alt-right. For some of them to focus more on race and IQ than Christianity comes off as idolatrous in my eyes.
      Based on the comments on one such site (, those alt-righters who denounce race-mixing fall into at least three camps:
      * Camp A rejects Biblical creation, if not Christianity as a whole, in favor of evolution.
      * Camp B reconciles the Bible with evolution. This is a thing apparently.
      * Camp C rejects evolution and believes in the Bible while still holding on to racial views.
      Camps A and B I can understand, but C is a bit complex. Then again, the beliefs of camp C predate Darwin.

      I’m a creationist who believes that God created us Homo sapiens as equals, and until I heard of the alt-right, I never had the idea that a loving God would make interracial dating/marriage a sin, nor was I aware of attempts to reconcile Christianity with Darwinian evolutionary theories.

      A few more problems I have:
      1) Somehow they seem to support anything that annoys or offends leftist liberals or any other people who don’t agree with them. As much as I dislike leftism, I also feel it’s rather inane to intentionally offend those you disagree with. I don’t think it’s a Christian thing to do.
      2) I don’t know about you, but seeing people cuss/swear often makes me doubt that they’re Christian at all. Unless, of course, you don’t consider it a sin.
      3) I’m a bit ambivalent on the Holocaust and whether it was real or not. Many of the commentators at, for example, claim that there was no Holocaust and that it was made up. What I find conflicting was that I’ve read and watched first-person accounts of self-titled survivors, and now I’m left wondering if they’re real or bogus. Mr. Lewis, what do you think?

  4. It would be interesting to consider whether the Darwinian evolutionary theory has any influence on the opinions of those who oppose race mixing. Heck, I’m starting to wonder if the KKK were influenced/inspired by Darwin as well. Then again, racism among so-called Christians didn’t start with Darwin.

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