Contra Traditional Youth Network: Christianity Cannot Be Hyphenated

By Todd Lewis

I’ve been following the Traditional Youth Network (TYN) for some time after my run-in with Matt Parrott over on Attack the System. For those who do not know Mr. Parrott, recall that he is Matthew Heimbach’s father in-law, and that I had exchanged a few words with Mr. Parrott over his comments on the Ken Ham/Bill Nye debate here: Brief introductions aside, this paper concerns the recent schism between White Nationalists at the National Policy Institute (NPI)  and white-nationalist-Christians (or is it Christian-white-nationalists?) over at TYN. I remember an article  where Clement, The Swiss Kinist, and myself were arguing with Scott Terry about the about the prudence of TYN’s strategy of collaborating with non-Christians. I think  this question is important, for what common ground, if any, can the traditionalist Christian movement have with the New Right, White Nationalists, etc? The answer, I think, is pretty obvious: nothing. I will explain why shortly.

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