The Northmen’s War Against Civilization

By Todd Lewis

Amongst the inchoate movement of the New Right, Dark Enlightenment or Radical Right there is an element that emanates from the neo-pagan revival of the 1970s. This is not an attack on the foundations of Neo-Paganism par se, but a refutation of a certain polemic that has arisen in that quarter against Christians. Stephen McNallan, a practitioner of Asatru, argues that the Norse and Germanic civilizations, thriving and dynamic cultures who were creative and progressive, were destroyed by the Roman Catholic Church, whose imperial spirit was an extension of the Roman Caesars. The Viking raids are cast in the light of a belated response to the imperialist Church under the Pope, and the Holy Roman Empire under Charlemagne. He cites the Saxon wars and forcible conversion of Germans as the Munich moment, pardon the metaphor, for the Norse. The Viking raids, while a failure, were justifiable self-defense. The Church is further cast as a genocidal destroyer of culture and religion that sought to exterminate the pagans of the north and east.

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