Contra Hanson: Righteousness in Mass Murder?

By Todd Lewis

I have followed Victor Davis Hanson’s warmongering propaganda for over ten years now, and the more I read and listen to him the more he seems to be a soulless, amoral Machiavellian, though that might be a slur to Machiavelli. I will limit my criticism to his infatuation with unconditional surrender and the historical lying he performs to justify it.

As we shall see below and from any cursory reading of his work, if one so chooses to read it, one is dumbfounded, by this so-called “classicist’s” tenuous grip on logic. He resorts to the most petty of Liberal/Communist smear-bund tactics calling people liars, Nazi sympathizers, racists and anti-Semites with no evidence, and spends most of his time engaging in the fallacies of red herring, ad hominem and strawman. For someone who boasts of his classical education, one wonders has he read Aristotle’s Organon?

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